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The power behind
the Middle East's ERP implementation & commerce solutions

Five Star Pink

“There is no one else quite like them in the region. I LOVE working with them and will continue to do so for years to come.”
Somy Varghese, Etoile Group, Dubai

Zia Manna | Founder / Director

We spent 11+ years understanding enterprise problems

Based in Dubai, Think Tribe is a provider of Business ERP Solutions. We focus across specialized solutions to use technology to move your organization towards profitable growth. As experts in consultancy and implementation services, we work with you as a part of your team and provide direct support with every project until it’s delivered, and even thereafter. We're more than an ERP company, we're your technology partner!

The largest brands trust in Think Tribe

Many businesses across a variety of industries in Dubai and MENA region, trust in our consultancy and ERP solution implementations.

"Think Tribe are really easy to work with.

I would absolutely recommend them to anyone."

Stuart Nishikawa | IT & Marketing Manager
The One, Dubai

Need to improve your workflow processes?

We're an exceptionally knowledgeable ERP company and holistic technology partner that are able to streamline operational, sales, product, and financial processes throughout your business within one highly-personalized system that drives performance and profitability.

Sajid 12:28PM

I would like better visibility of my sales team’s performance and pipeline to ensure we’re on target with our growth goals.

Amani 12:45PM

My team loses a lot of time in manual data entry between the various systems we use day-to-day in our business.

Layla 13:12PM

I need to improve stock visibility and control for our sales and warehouse teams with one live system.

Muhammad 08:32AM

I have to create spreadsheets to visualize performance and make decisions, which prevents me from acting in realtime.

Imran 08:44AM

We are losing valuable time in manual admin intensive tasks to gather and present data; whether sales or stock.

Need better visibility across your business?

Take back control of what's happening LIVE across your business - with dashboards and reporting that can flag exceptions that demand your attention.

Need to digitize your business in order to scale?

Bring together the lifecyle of your business within one ERP solution - standardized, structured, and seamlessly working for your teams wherever they may be based.

Fatima 06:16PM

I need to increase our profit margin by making our teams more efficient, allowing us to sell more product without adding to our human resources.

Asim 06:25PM

We need to decrease mistakes by systemizing all the repetitive processes from team to team across our business.

The industries we serve in Dubai and MENA

Dubai's and the Middle East's trusted technology partner

Our Team has been a key player in highly functional business areas including Technology, Intelligence, as well as at the Customer-end, resulting in an empathetic approach towards delivery of services. We’re not just an exceptional ERP company, we’re a friendly team of experts you can trust. 

Thinktribe logo - ThinkTribe IT Support Dubai
ThinkTribe employee at desk - ThinkTribe IT Support Dubai

We have countless experience of implementing...

  • Systems for complex conglomerates with multiple lines of businesses in Dubai and beyond
  • Handling simple, complex as well as advanced interfaces with third party technologies
  • Add-on creation and code migration
  • Various distribution, retail & hospitality models
  • E-commerce integrations and interfaces.
  • Mobility & loyalty solutions
  • Interface with other ERP systems
  • Scalable and tailored ERP solutions 

Comprehensive knowledge of entire architecture

Including consultation and guidance on Hardware Infrastructure & Sizing, besides the mainframe ERP solution implementations that we offer. 

ERP Practice and ERP Consultancy
Dubai 1
Dubai 2

Handling of large databases

Alongside guidance and consultation on performance management & maintenance.

How we engage





Start by sending us a brief of your requirement, and we'll engage with you with a short meeting and presentation (in accordance with your requirements) in order to do an initial mapping.


A thorough analysis is done by the information that we collect by our experienced consultants and we draw up an initial scope of work and a budgetary proposal along with a tentative schematic plan for the project.


Upon finalizing our engagement, we start working according to the plan and the first phase is to look into the requirements and processes, in scope. As analysis is the most important phase of the project, our senior consultants engage with every critical business function of yours.


Based on the above, our consultants tediously map the requirements to the system and come out with the actual design of the proposed system and processes for your approval.


Once the design is finalized, the technical work and configuration of the system is started. At every stage though, we are very transparent with the customer and share all important relevant information so that you are fully aware of the progress and the work being carried out.


Of course, when we are set for the actual launch, be assured that you will have our people by your side in order to ensure that we, as a team, successfully go live with the system. We will be there by night and day during this time, depending on the complexity of the product and time restraints.


We are always at your disposal to provide efficient support and maintenance programs / plans as you may require as this is one of the most important tasks of a post ERP implementation.





Looking to level up your business through technology?

For an independent and impartial review of your technology, combined with our expert opinion on how IT can better support the growth and evolution of your business; enquire to schedule your free technology review.


Rivoli Group

“Think Tribe is one of Rivoli’s trusted strategic technology partners, and we highly recommend Think Tribe to any organization that are considering to implement Microsoft D365 ERP and LS Central. Their team members are extremely knowledgeable, and we couldn’t be happier about the stellar support that Think Tribe continues to provide.

Think Tribe is the extended team that every organization needs, and we look forward to a long-term partnership with them.”

Libu Thomas  |  Associate Director – IT