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Challenges Facing Quick Service Restaurants and 6 Technology Solutions That Can Help 

We all love food and drink and thanks to the help of technology, people across the world are now able to access a range of culinary experiences on demand. The food and beverage industry is set to continue growing, however it’s not all smooth sailing. Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) all face a set of challenges that stand in the way of growth and ensuring that they delight their customers every time they dine.

Here’s just some of them:  

  • Reducing item costs and attributing costs to items accurately to ensure profitability. 
  • Avoiding overstocking and understocking inventory. 
  • Operational efficiency: Quick service restaurants need to optimize their operations to minimize wait times, reduce errors, and maximize productivity 
  • Customers now expect fast and convenient service, personalized experiences, and seamless interactions across multiple channels 
  • Understanding the sources of your income and outgoings so that you can prioritize the most profitable investments for your business. 
  • Aligning a range of separate channels for supply and inventory management, processing orders, finance, operations, and much more. 
  • Experimenting with new concepts, such as new menus to stay above the competition in an ever growing and competitive market. 

For QSRs, the goal is to deliver a fast, friendly, convenient, affordable and good quality experience to customers that they would like to repeat. Technology plays a critical role in all of these key needs, so using it to its full potential is a key way for QSRs to thrive, grow and secure the loyalty of their customers.  

Why QSRs Need to Embrace Digital Transformation 

QSRs are increasingly finding that survival and growth increasingly hinge on their ability to adapt and innovate. Digital transformation stands at the heart of this evolution, offering more than just upgrades—it represents a fundamental shift in how QSRs operate and engage with their customers. 

From ensuring efficient kitchen and delivery workflows even in peak hours, to lowering costs with better inventory management and finding ways to improve profitability, digital transformation is your key to a faster, better and scalable business.  

That’s not all, digital transformation is helping companies to create personalized customer experiences at scale across many touchpoints.  

Whether its interactive self-service kiosks or automating voucher distribution and enabling them to be redeemed both in-store and online, digital transformation is your tool for creating crowd-pleasing experiences that keep your customers coming back again and again. Behind the scenes, it enables your business to be more agile, scalable and efficient.  

So, what are some technology solutions that can help your QSR to outshine the competition and overcome your challenges? Here’s five that can help:  

Six Technology Solutions for QSRs 

1. POS Systems 

Point of Order (POS) systems add extra manpower to your order taking abilities, offering customers both convenience and a fast way to order. But that’s not all, smart integrated POS systems, such as those that integrate with LS Retail, are able to connect with other apps such as online ordering, mobile app orders, aggregator orders, social and Whatsapp orders, to give a single view of them all.  

LS Retail has a strong promotion engine what helps brands and stores to intuitively upsell and cross sell their products. Your POS systems also should have the capability to integrate with current and upcoming digital ecosystems to enable continued innovation. In short, your POS systems and apps should always be omnichannel ready.  

2. Online delivery Platforms

Partnering with third-party delivery platforms or implementing an in-house online delivery platform helps quick service restaurants expand their reach without needing to make significant investments in additional infrastructure or resources. 

These platforms offer access to a larger pool of potential customers while providing convenient options for consumers who prefer food delivery services. 

3. Self Servicing KIOSK and Chat Bot Enabled Ordering 

Self-service kiosks enable customers to place orders themselves, reducing the need for staff assistance and improving order accuracy. It enables your quick service restaurant to unlock additional efficiencies. While chat bots enable the same capabilities, with the added advantage of offering personalized recommendations based on each customer’s preferences.  

4. Data analytics tools

Utilizing data analytics tools enables quick service restaurants to gather insights about customer preferences, buying patterns, menu performance, and operational efficiencies. This information can inform decision-making regarding menu offerings, pricing strategies, marketing campaigns, staffing levels, etc., leading to improved profitability 

5. Cloud Kitchen Models 

While not a technology solution in itself, the cloud kitchen model is enabled by it and can help QSRs to expand efficiently. The model removes the need for a physical dining space and does not have to contradict the key ingredients of convenience, speed, good quality and affordability that customers expect from you. Cloud kitchens offer a lean operational structure, make it easier to expand into new locations, and offer the chance to focus on other key needs such as delivery efficiency and food quality for example.  

6. Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERPs)  

For more mature QSRs that have multiple branches and brands, an ERP can be a powerful investment. An ERP enables a QSR to connect its branches, operational departments, datasets, and processes together under one roof. What if you could accurately attribute your revenue and costs against your inventory? Drive down under and over stocking? Or integrate POS transactions with your back-end accounting software? These are all challenges an ERP can help a growing QSR to tackle.  

Curious to see what an ERP implementation journey can look like? See what an ERP achieved for the Apparel Group, with these subsidiary brands now being empowered by their own successful LS Retail ERP solution: 

Partnering with A Technology Partner 

Technology enables so many things to go right, but when you’re implementing it from scratch, a lot can go wrong! This is why a proven technology partner can be helpful, both speeding up and smoothing your road to using better technology.  

A technology partner will help you to consider all possibilities before using a new technology and help you to find more opportunities. They’ll help you to find, procure and implement the right technology for your business according to your needs and goals. This can accelerate your digital transformation journey, enabling you to turn your challenges into success stories for your business.  

Final Thoughts 

Growing a Quick Service Restaurant can be tough in a fast-evolving market, but with the right technology you can do more than keep up; you can get ahead! By using technology to address your QSR’s challenges, you’ll be better able to delight your customers while being an efficiency machine. For your growing QSR, technology can be an enabler for profitable growth and success. A technology partner such as an ERP implementation specialist can greatly help with this journey, enabling your QSR to combine the ingredients of great technology into a recipe for success.  

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