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World-Class ERP, Business Process, CRM and Business Intelligence Consulting Services.

If you need help with creating and implementing systems that transform your business's position in the market, you're in the right place. Our consulting services leverage our deep and tested expertise in helping businesses to build integrated, omnichannel processes and customer experiences that save time, magnify efficiency, enhance scalability, and unlock new capabilities and opportunities.

Whether you need help with finding and designing the perfect ERP solution for your business, automating processes, or implementing AI and data analytics, you can rely on our consulting services to give your business the clarity, confidence and direction that it needs to undertake digital transformations that revolutionise how your business operates, and the outcomes it creates.

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Our approach to consulting has one key goal in mind: to empower your business with actionable insights that you can use to drive your strategic success. In our consulting sessions, we do this in three key ways.

1) We Listen: No agenda, no pre-defined solutions. We will listen deeply to understand your context, goals, needs, and the challenges that your facing to build an understanding. With an understanding, we piece together the missing puzzles that unlock precise solutions for your success.

2) We Understand: We ask you questions to clarify our understanding, synthesising considerations around where you are and where you want to be, the enablers and obstacles involved in getting to your desired destination, and the tools, solutions and approaches that can transform the situation.

3) We Advise: With a deep understanding, we offer actionable insights and recommendations that are tailored to your business. Whether it's a technology project, your wider IT strategy, or a wholesale migration to a new ERP solution, our advice will help your business to move forward with clarity and confidence.

ERP Practice and ERP Consultancy
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We offer specialist consulting services for enterprises using ERP solutions. These solutions can be intricate and complex, but they also offer significant opportunities to drive efficiency, value, and profitable growth.

Our ERP consulting services help businesses to remove the technical and strategic barriers that stand in the way of them getting the best from their enterprise resource planning and inventory management. Whether you want to integrate more applications with your ERP, apply sophisticated predictive analytics that can deeply optimise processes and eliminate inefficiencies, or wish to find a new software that can better serve your business, our consulting services can help you to achieve all of these objectives, and more.

Discover how technology can become the driver for your business growth.

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Rivoli Group

“Think Tribe is one of Rivoli’s trusted strategic technology partners, and we highly recommend Think Tribe to any organization that are considering to implement Microsoft D365 ERP and LS Central. Their team members are extremely knowledgeable, and we couldn’t be happier about the stellar support that Think Tribe continues to provide.

Think Tribe is the extended team that every organization needs, and we look forward to a long-term partnership with them.”

Libu Thomas  |  Associate Director – IT